Woman working with grapes
The world is kind of in the shits right now, so we try not to make it any worse. Vineyards are not a rotational crop, some grape vines can live for 100 years or more. We farm with that 100-year mindset, that what we do in the vineyards will allow the ecosystem to thrive for generations. We seek to conserve and value our natural resources, protect local wildlife and the ecosystem they thrive in, and ensure the safety, creative passion, and economic security of our staff.  
Sustainable vineyard management has always been one of our core values. Mica’s deep understanding of botany, soil chemistry, and farming practices allows us to plan down to microbial and molecular levels to give our vines exactly what they need, when they need it, without wasting water, chemicals or labor.  
This allows us to sustain our business with healthy crops year after year at the same time that we enhance the diversity of wildlife and microbes on our properties. We don’t believe in creating monocultures in our vineyards, because that kind of intensive farming does not allow for a balance checked by nature. Instead, we employ the help of plants, beneficial insects, and natural products to bring our vineyards to life.
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